Jean-Baptiste André

Jean-Baptiste André

PhD Student

fields of research

Culinary science Philosophy
Work in progress
Philosophy of "taste(s)"
Modern (XVIIIe - XXe)
Europe France
Discourse Paintings Society Wine Cooking Food cultures Gastronomy Taste
Aesthetic, ethic and politic of food
Contemporary period (1945 - today) Early Modern (XVIe - XVIIIe)
Europe France
Art history Discourse Environmental impact Food policy Food cultures Gastronomy Heritage Policy UNESCO Tradition

Institution / Research unit


  • Jean-Baptiste André « Penser l'art de la cuisine : le discours philosophique et le discours gastronomique entre histoire, esthétique et politique » L'Harmattan Paris France (FR) 2018


« The gastronomy, a philosophical study of contemporary cooking between food Heritage and ephemeral realizations. »
Supervised by M. Pascal Taranto .

Absent from the philosophic speech for several years, the kitchen and its gastronomic aspect tend to establish a new field of studies for the human sciences today. Since he The concept of gastronomy is problematic in what it contradicts itself on two aspects: on one hand, he sends back to the good - food and in particular to the certain one patrimonialisation of the national kitchen ; we try to pass on a certain ideology and a symbolism of our regional products by illustrating them in typical dishes. On the other hand, he indicates fragile short-lived realizations which we could assimilate to the contemporary art, contrary to the popular proposal which indicated the UNESCO in 2010, which tried to value the small French producers. In a democratic and interdisciplinary concern, how can we make these two meanings of the term "gastronomy" coincide?