published at 12/05/2016

A centre of unique expertise and resources devoted to gastronomy and food heritage

From the outset, the researchers and experts affiliated to the IEHCA have amassed a broad spectrum of knowledge and methodological know-how in the field of Food Studies that is unparalleled in Europe. This expertise is available to serve not only public policy makers, economic and sociocultural players and the media, but also civil society.

→ The only centre of knowledge and information of its kind in Europe

The IEHCA intends to play a key role in the major economic environment that food heritage represents, and has developed the capacity to set up ad hoc teams for dedicated projects, who bring their expertise to bear on applied subjects such as:

• Culinary identities and their creation

• Regional specialities and the factors currently affecting local production

• Identification and listing of food heritages, with the involvement of those who preserve them

• Promotion of regional gastronomic heritage and development of cultural and touristic products


→ Applying expertise and know-how for the benefit of companies and institutions

• Coordination of research projects

• Organisation and running of scientific events

• Mobilisation of academic and professional networks

• Production of analytical studies and decision aids

• Cultural and touristic development

• Exhibition curation

• Instructional design and training

• Scientific popularisation and release to the general public