published at 12/05/2016

“Tables des hommes” collection

The ‘Tables des Hommes’ collection arose from the association between the IEHCA, the François-Rabelais University (Tours) Press, and the Rennes University Press.

This series of publications is dedicated to food culture, with the goal of providing a better understanding of the relationships that bind people and their food together. Its objective is to produce a wide range of previously unpublished work, such as monographs, conference proceedings, study days, seminars, and theses. Also published are translations of foreign publications which have left a lasting mark on this research field. It focuses on facilitating the dissemination of academic knowledge. Such knowledge is all too often inaccessible, whereas the interest of public authorities and the general public regarding these issues is continually on the increase.


  • Martin Bruegel (INRA)
  • Antonella Campanini (université des sciences gastronomiques, Pollenzo, Italie)
  • Jean-Pierre Corbeau (université de Tours)
  • Claire Delfosse (université Lyon 2)
  • Marie-Pierre Horard (université de Tours)
  • Bruno Laurioux (université de Tours)
  • Florent Quellier (université d'Angers)

LAST parution

Le modèle culinaire français (XVIIe-XXIe siècle)

Bruno Laurioux et Kilien Stengel