published at 21/09/2023

Ninth International Convention on Food and Drink Studies

Call for papers / Application Form

5-7 June 2024 – Tours (France)


The European Institute for Food History and Cultures (the IEHCA, Institut Européen d’Histoire et des Cultures de l’Alimentation) is organizing the ninth edition of its annual international convention, to be held from Wednesday 5 June to Friday 7 June 2024 in Tours (France).

Following an initial call for sessions, we are launching a call for individual applications.

As usual, all proposals pertaining to Food Studies will be considered and all researchers are welcome (doctoral, post-doctoral, research lecturers, independent scholars etc).  Ultimately the conference aspires to be a multi- and cross-disciplinary event, covering all historical periods.

This is an in-presence event, so anyone applying must be able to be physically present.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the following sessions are likely to welcome new speakers – your proposal and your paper may be in French or in English:

Two sessions offer a detailed call for papers:

  • Food studies – an approach through citizen engagement and citizen science  - Carmen Soares (University of Coimbra, Portugal); Virginie Amilien (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway).

Call for papers here.

  • The History of Food Futures: Imaginaries of Global Food Futures - Atle Wehn Hegnes and Virginie Amilien (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway)

Call for papers here.

Other open sessions:

  • Produire et boire la bière, lieux et pratiques
  • Architecture, Garden and Food in the 1800s
  • Street Food Cultures Between Past And Present
  • Food and Memory within Total Institutions: voices of men and women deprived of their liberty between Nazi concentration camps and today’s prisons in Italy and Brazil
  • Nutrition Science, Colonization and Nation Building: Shaping the Diet of Zionist Settlers
  • Des céréales au pain dans l’antiquité, d’Egypte à la Grèce de « Renenoutet à Déméter »
  • Italy and France in the glass: special wines, vermouths and aperitif rituals
  • Iconic Breweries and Identity: To what extent can a region's identity be based on specific beer styles or brewing brands?
  • Asian Foodways, Social Change, and Cultural Heritage
  • Politics, Populations and Failing Food Systems: Stories of Resilience in Europe and Africa
  • Bottles, Cans, and Plastic Pouches: Gender, Class, and Food Mobilization in Modern Societies.
  • Livres de cuisine manuscrits
  • Changements en cuisine. Find out more here.
  • Ethnographies of food transition and sustainability in urban contexts. Case studies from Europe and beyond.
  • Réduire le gaspillage à la source : initiatives territoriales de lutte contre le gaspillage alimentaires

The deadline for applications is 20 March 2024. and

The organising committee will inform the applicants of the acceptance or rejection of their proposals before 5 April.

Download the registration form below.

Registration fees:

- For those who pay their registration fees before 25 April: 50 euros for non-tenured researchers / 100 euros for tenured researchers.

- After this date, these fees will be 80 euros (non-tenured researchers) or 120 euros (tenured researchers).

- Researchers who have not paid their registration fees before 15 May 2024 will not be able to take part in the convention.

No refund will be possible in the event of withdrawal.